Rush Print #003 Chop-Chop Workshop

        Quick Quick!

Hurry up, it’s time for a new workshop.

530 Type Club — a type playground, a student-initiated collective, a bunch of nerdy type lovers who meet up and discuss about type design regularly.

Every Wednesday, we come together to make, create, talk, discuss, and explore what are the possibilities of type. With the same interest, but diverse styles, outlooks on life, and work, we come together to learn from each other and most importantly to have fun.

You’re holding in your hand the Rush Print 003: Chop-Chop Workshop, the 4th edition of the annual publication from the Graphic Design Arnhem. Being briefed as a ‘Typographical Workbook,’ in this edition, we focus on the intersection of collectivity and typography, which we believe is essential to discuss with our peers, professionals, alumni, and fellow collective in the department.

The book is not only an archive of 530 but also a extensive workshop for the reader to engage with.

©2023 Rush Print, Graphic Design Arnhem, ArtEZ the University of Arts

©530 Type Club.
All rights reserved, including the right of reproduction in whole or in part in any form. If you are interested in the typefaces, please reach out to us on Instagram.

Concept, Design, Production:
@helenahesselink @k.chen._ @kasper.quaink

Head of Department:
Maaike van Neck




@dongbinhan @benmcmillan @buster0friendly, @binders.keepers
Special Thanks:
Tofe Al-Obaidi, Walter Huinink, Sjoerd van Ree, Binders, Keepers, RISO WISO, Book Store Hijman Ongerijmd, De Laarpoerlaar, Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design, Letterspace.Amsterdam

Everyone who has enjoyed, participated, and supported 530 these past years.

Block Why Circle Regular, Bubbly Wubbly Extra Bold, Kikujiro Regular Bold, Mad-Sir Regular, Noar Sans Regular, Potato Farm Bold, Sancta Ziana, Seventy Two Smooth, Sleekly Regular, Broidy Regular, Curvie Regular, Eternal Flame Regular, Onblock Regular, Space Skeleton Regular, Stencil Font Regular, Zukini Regular, Sr_Twigs, Sr_Waves, Chubb Regular, Chubby Regular, Oranje Tegel, IBM Plex Mono

Gmund Colors Matt Light Grey 200gsm, EOS 2.0 90gsm, Color Action Iceland Grey 80 gsm

Riso EZ 570 E (Blue, Green)

Staple Bind, Swiss Bind

Edition: 175 Copies